Rudyard Kipling

Rudyard kipling  most popular work include the jungle book . rudyard Kipling stories are fables, using animals in an anthropomorphic manner to give moral lessons.  A principal character is the boy or man – cub, mowgli who is raised in the jungle by wolves other characters includes  shere khan the tiger and Baloo the bear the book has  been adapted many times for films and other media.

Kipling’s experiences during  his  time formed the backbone for a series of stories he began to write and publish his own and  then They were eventually assembled into a collection of 40 short stories called Plain Tales From the Hills,  by which  he gained  so much of popularity in England.

Over time, Kipling would become known for harboring a sense of English imperialism and views on certain cultures that would draw much objection and it have been seen as disturbingly racist. Yet even as Kipling grew more rigid in his viewpoints as he got older, aspects of his earlier work would still be celebrated. Kipling’s poem all have to do with a sense of internal strengt.


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